This Dallas Cowboys World Champs Tattoo Isn’t Scared Of The Tony Romo Curse

The first draft of this post read something like, “Isn’t Tony Romo still on the Cowboys? Doesn’t he cast a pall over everything he touches? This dude’s arm is probably going to turn necrotic and end up looking like Dumbledore’s hand.”

But then a little research showed that Derek, co-host of the Billy Madison Show, is a shock jock of the highest order. His Twitter feed is flooded with topless chicks, dudes with dicks shaved into their heads, women in diapers, some bong action, and the the typical jackassery you would expect from a morning zoo.

So with that said, the ink is some damn fine national promotion from a savvy radio host. And if the ‘Boys don’t win this year, X out the date and mark in a new one for next season. Keep a running tally. Hell, it’s one less content idea for the summer slog.

And good on him for including the tattoo artist’s handle, because this thing is going viral. Way to spread the love.