Texas Students’ Reaction To Myles Turner’s Decision Is So College

Below is a video of Texas students reacting to Myles Turner’s decision to play for the Longhorns. The video is loud. It also wraps college life into a nice, neat little package. Look for the following tropes when watching these students celebrate:

  • Busted speakers
  • Overabundance of school apparel
  • Silly hats
  • Casual F-bombs
  • That one dude who loves “Fear and Loathing” and dresses like he’s at the Mint 400
  • Yelling. Lots of yelling.
  • Random person taking off shirt to celebrate

Ah, college … all they’re missing is a beer bong.

  • DaDon

    OMG I know that guy in the hat!!

  • flawlesslie

    The black guy is cute..