Things Lance Will Do Tonight Trends On Twitter Because Why Not

Not sure if you’ve heard about it yet, but Lance Stephenson blew in LeBron’s ear the other night. Crazy, right? Yeah, the blow job looked something like this.

With a little of this.

Anywho, in anticipation of Game 6, SportsNation decided to reach out to the people of Twitter to forecast “Things Lance will do tonight.” After all, between the memefest from Game 2 and blowing LeBron in Game 5, we know Sir Lancelot isn’t going down quietly.

Before we get started with the #ThingsLanceWillDoTonight roundup, let’s take a moment to praise Michelle Beadle. I have no idea if she came up with the idea, but now that Beadlemania is back in the saddle, SportsNation is once again the ayatollah of rock and rolla.

Yep, those all seem both possible and plausible.