Video of crazy fight at Boston Red Sox championship parade hits web

The Boston Red Sox just won the World Series, which should mean that nothing but good vibes are running through the city, right? Not so much.

This disturbing video from Barstool Sports suggests otherwise. During the Red Sox’s championship parade, a massive brawl broke out leaving several people in very bad shape. You can even see fans stomping on the heads of unconscious individuals on the ground.

It’s an unfortunate instance of lunatic fandom, and one that continually crops up on the internet.

(Warning: NSFW language used)

  • Guest

    The guy in the red shirt needs a year in a max security jail. He started that whole thing with a sucker punch and finished by head stomping unconscious people. Mandatory year for first offense.10 years if he has a record. This can’t be tolerated on any level.

  • Derek

    Its times like these that firing a gun into the air actually can help the situation.

  • N.DeWolfe

    To the piece of absolute fucking shit that would be sooooo excited to have recorded that, your time will come. Karma is gonna ass fuck the shit out of you and all the punk ass bitches that think their tough “curb stomping” unconscious people. Nothing but a bunch of punk ass BITCHES.

    • amanda weiss

      If he couldn’t stop it, at least there’s video evidence. These pigs belong in jail.