Video: New York Jets fan punches woman in the face during Patriots game

A presumably drunken New York Jets fan got into a fight during the team’s game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. After scuffling through the crowd, the man hauls off and punches a woman in the face.

These videos surface every week. Each one makes NFL games look less and less flattering. The Shield really needs to get a handle on this idiocy.

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  • xxxxx

    Why not tell the truth, that he was 20 feet away from the altercation at that point and that she, and her girlfriend, pursued and attacked him…before he defended himself…

    Only a moron would think otherwise based on the video…

  • Not Drunk Jets Fan

    Only a moron would justify hitting a woman in any situation. Continuing to back away, getting security, or covering up were all better options for him to defend himself. Get a life.

  • Derek Clarke

    Never hit a lady…..says nothing about a bit@@! I don’t know what started all of this but a “lady” would never behave like this young woman. That being said, I agree with the first comment…..I don’t care how she is coming at me…..I don’t throw a punch!

  • Tommy_Fitz

    I hope they catch that guy for slapping a girl. What an asshole bitch.

  • Jason

    Women want equality, there’s your equality!! If a woman, in certain situations, is man enough to hit me, she’s man enough to take the consequences.