Video: Man loses bet on Fiesta Bowl, walks around Volusia mall in a dress

The below video amazes me. Not because it contains a large man wearing a dress, walking around a mall. Not because the man takes his punishment from a lost Fiesta Bowl bet so well. But the fact that he made a full lap around the Volusia Mall is simply astounding.

You see, I’m a Daytona native, where all this merriment went down. One time, after heading home from the beach, a buddy and I decided to swing by the mall to grab something from the food court. I wasn’t wearing a shirt and absentmindedly walked into the establishment. Not more than five steps did I take into that mall before a security guard had me by the elbow, guiding me right out the door.

So how in the hell this guy made a full lap dressed in drag, all while causing a ruckus, escapes me. Nonetheless, way to be a good sport and pay your bet, Mr. Iler.

[Thanks to RedditCFB for the winning bet]