Video: ‘Vodka Samm’ speaks publicly for first time since .341 BAC

Samantha Goudie, better known as Vodka Samm, is the Iowa student arrested trying to sneak into a Hawkeyes football game, and then blowing an astounding .341 in jail.

That number alone was high enough to earn crazy party credit. Then she tweeted “YOLO” from jail, and skyrocketed into the Partying Hall of Fame.

In her first public appearance since the infamous Aug. 31 season opener vs. Northern Illinois, Goudie tells us it was all a huge mistake.

“I could have easily taken this opportunity, and ran with it, and been ‘Vodka Samm’ my entire life,” Goudie said in the interview posted on YouTube. “But that’s not why I came to college, I didn’t come to college to drink and be Vodka Samm.”

[H/T: Lost Lettermen]