Virginia Fan Practically Sneaks Onto Cavaliers Team For ACC Title Game

What we have here is one man, one mission, and one badass story. Virginia Cavaliers fan Danny decided to take what was his during the ACC Tournament Championship game by owning the team huddle, and post-game celebration. When I say we created Gamedayr for fans like this, I truly mean it.

Not to diverge from this story too much, but I snuck into the 2008 BCS title game between Florida and Oklahoma. An empty lanyard, some buttering up of the nice lady working the press entrance, and next thing I know I’m standing in a room with Danny Wuerffel and a slew of other college football greats. Oh college, how I miss you.

But that’s enough of my story, back to why we are here. Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky explains how it all came to fruition for Danny:

At halftime of Virginia’s ACC tournament semifinal, Danny had an idea. He noticed all the Cavaliers staff members hovering around the team, and discerned what exactly gave them to the power to roam freely around the court: a suit with a Virginia-orange tie. One day and one trip to Walmart later, Danny was down on the floor, celebrating a conference title and shaking hands with a dejected Coach K.

Final cost for the fan experience of a lifetime, for the JMU sophomore and UVa fan from Richmond: somewhere below $130, and balls of steel. That’s 30 bucks for upper-tier seats to Sunday’s Virginia-Duke final on Stubhub, and the rest for a full outfit from Walmart.

Following are a handful of incredible photos from Danny’s moment of greatness. You can read more of the story at Deadspin. To watch Danny shake Coach K’s hand during the post-game handshake line, click here.

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