West Chester University student hits half-court money shot, denied $10,000

Are you a strict constructionist or a loose constructionist? How you answer will likely dictate your thoughts on this next story. A West Chester Universtiy student, first thought to have won $10,000 in a halftime contest, will not receive the prize.

In the below video, Jack Lavery drops a layup, free-throw and three pointer on his first attempt before missing a half-court shot. However, with a lot of hustle he snags a rebound and hits a miraculous, off-balanced shot on his second attempt as time expires.

Unfortunately for Lavery, the rules to the game are as follows:

“I shall have as many opportunities as necessary at each of the first three (3) locations to make a shot; however, no more than ONE (1) attempt may be made at the HALF COURT shot, provided that there is still time left on the shot clock.”

Lavery got the moment and the YouTube fame, but not the cash. I’m personally a bit loose on rules and think the kid should get some cut of the money. The MC kept the event going. The clock never stopped. What’s a few thousand bucks in the name of some good PR?

[Bleacher Report]

  • TWAbner

    Rules are rules but we all know the man will do anything to not pay. Image is everything but not to West Chester Univerity

  • readybob

    The ball hut the floor, out-of-bounds, shot over.

  • Terry Roberts

    If the clock keeps running the game should keep running!

  • AZBBallfan

    The representative said he won at the end when asked a direct question! That is a travesty!