Wisconsin A Cappella Group Sings Kentucky Fight Song For Final Four Bet

For Wisconsin fans, it doesn’t get more painful than having to pay up a Final Four bet after the heartbreaking loss they had against Kentucky. But being good sports, University of Wisconsin a cappella group Fundamentally Sound did what was right, and sang the Big Blue Nation’s fight song.

Following is the YouTube description of the Final Four bet that was placed:

Prior to the Final Four basketball game between the University of Wisconsin and The University of Kentucky on Saturday April 5th 2014 a bet was made between two a cappella groups. If the Badgers won the AcoUstiKats from UK would have to sing the UW fight song, “On Wisconsin!”. If the Wildcats won Fundamentally Sound from UW would have to sing the UK fight song, “On, on, U of K”. Unfortunatly the Wildcats won and FS honored the bet.

This is exactly what rubbing salt in the wound feels like.

[H/T Reddit/Wildcats]