Worst Florida Gators Fan Alive Does Unthinkable With Jameis Winston

It’s official: we have found the worst Florida Gators fan alive. This guy actually might be the worst sports fan alive. You never – NEVER – have a chief rival sign your team’s hat. And by NEVER I mean NEVER EVER EVER. Not even if it’s Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. Sorry, this is just something I can’t get behind.

Let’s take a look through the images that instantly take away this man’s fanhood.

worst florida gators fan

worst florida gators fan 2

worst florida gators fan 1

worst florida gators fan 4

worst florida gators fan 3

And that’s how you ruin a perfectly good hat, and lose any fan cred you once had.

[Photos Jacksonville.com, via Instagram/duvalnole51]

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  • Gareth Stearns

    So awesome that he remembered the score and purposefully went out of his way to “deface” it the way that he did. GO NOLES!!!

    • Youreanidiot

      You may be the dumbest mother fucker alive. Durkadurk, my god he remembered the score. Really?

      • Gareth Stearns

        Have a great day dude.

      • Ron Burgundy

        U mad bro?

    • Philip Hurst

      Actually it shows the true person that he is. Somebody from a rival team wants your autograph, after everything he was accused of, and you do that? Only cements who he is.

      • Feredir

        Shut up, just cause your team got spanked your all upset! Go Noles 27-7 and gonig to be even worse for you this year. Maybe your fan should have got driskel to sign!

        • Philip Hurst

          And you just showed your education level by your comment. Congrats!

          • wow

            And he does what? You mean sign an autograph for his biggest rival without a second thought and adding the score for comedic reasons?…. yea what a monster he must be.

          • Guest

            Big picture! Showing some class after his rep has been tarnished. You don’t agree? That’s fine, but the fact of the matter is he needs to repair his image and that won’t help. The fan is an idiot as well.

  • LadySeminole

    This is just a TYPICAL “Gator Fan” no loyalty, probably didnt even go to UF-because rarely are any UF “fans” UF graduates and most importantly, those “Gator fans” are BANDWAGONERS! No suprise here.

    • jwhid514

      Lmao someone’s still salty that they didn’t get into UF. 99% of FSU fans are fans from the 90’s or TCC students, so look in the mirror. Not very “lady-like” of you to be calling out fairweather fans when you, yourself, wouldn’t be saying a word if Famous Rapeis was actually charged and you didn’t win this year.

      • BigJay

        Didn’t get into UF?! This is, without a doubt, THE funniest thing I’ve read today. DIdn’t get into UF… LMAO!!!

      • CornellBob

        Typical UF Alumnus…..acts as if they graduated from an Ivy League institution or even Duke or Notre Dame…..even state schools like Michigan and Virginia blow UF away academically, so get off your high horse….unreal

        • Mike in O-Town

          Dude. Virginia is a private university. Get your facts straight.

          • TC

            The University of Virginia remains the No. 2 best PUBLIC university in the 2013 edition of the U.S. News and World Report rankings.

          • CornellBob

            U of V is a Public School Broski

        • Philip Hurst

          Actually I’d do a little more research if I was you. UF is ranked 12th amongst public universities.

          • CornellBob

            12th Public School….fine…..never said UF wasn’t a good school, but the graduates from UF act like they graduated Cum Laude at Stanford……UM is even ranked higher……UF is #49 overall FYI

    • Philip Hurst

      This is not only the most idiotic comment on here, it’s one that can’t be backed up factually at all. To pretend every fanbase doesn’t have non graduated fans is hilarious. Even if it was true, which it’s not, what’s it say that those so called bandwagon fans still filled the swamp more this year then tally did during their best season in a while? Don’t worry about answering that; I already know the answer.

  • LuLuDocs

    I was about 5 rows back from the mayhem….he was NOT the only fan…probably about 15-20 were in line for a Famous Jameis autograph.

  • Matt

    @LadySeminole..So let me get this right. You should only be allowed to root for a college team if you went to that school? I grew up in Tallahassee and the majority of fans that cheer for Florida State have never been to school there either. Are those fans not supposed to root for there home town team? Oh and the term “bandwagoners” tends to mean that you bandwagon from good team to good team..which Florida has not been the last few years (at least in football).

    • jwhid514

      “which Florida has not been the last few years” I guess you forgot they were a Notre Dame loss from playing Bama in the national championship in 2013. You know-nothing bandwagoner, go back to your hole.

      • Matt

        No in fact i watched every game that year. I shouldn’t have used the term “good team”. What i meant to say was “great team”. I guess I don’t get excited for years where we just barely pull away from bad teams in the second half. I wish I was a FSU fan and could set my standards so low…

        • Moff

          “standards so low”. I must have just dreamed all those top 5 finishes from 88 to 02.

      • BigJay

        Then got stomped by Louisville in the Sugar Bowl

  • Ashlee Tac

    This isn’t the first time. There has been Florida fans all year getting Winstons autograph. Everyone in Tallahassee has been catching Florida fans and taking pictures of them doing it and posting them on their Facebook. This is not new, lmao!

  • ken pickett

    This guy grew up in my neighborhood and was and still is both of my sons friend. My wife and I graduated from FSU so our household bleeds garnet and gold. I must say this guy has always been a gator fan and has never rooted for FSU. He respects the athlete and/or the person. I have never in the past nor in the future cheered for UF. However, admire and respect Danny W. and Tim Tebow to mention a few fine gator players would want their autograph if I were lucky enough to get near them.

    • anonymous

      you are a benedict arnold then too

      • Matt Duryea

        I also know this guy and he is very much a Gator fan. While the article is funny, some peoples comments are a little over the top. He’s a good guy who just wanted an autograph. While I would never allow that to my own collection, people should tone it down a tad. It’s just a game guys and there’s nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry.

    • JimmyJohns80

      Comparing Winston to Tebow and Wuerffel? That’s a good one.

  • Cobra Commander

    This is hilarious.

  • Grant Gravitt

    I’m a “Cane so who cares….

  • Thorin Gorski

    A once ugly Hat is now Badass

  • Ray Remy Dils

    What a slap to the face that was to Winston though, I’m so glad he kept it classy as always! Go Noles and go Winston!!!

  • TT

    Gators wear jean shorts…

  • Philip Hurst

    This was definitely a bad thing to do. If you want an autograph find something else to be signed.

  • Blaise

    Lol disguised FSU fan good sabotage!

  • Steve E Willis

    This gator now has a hat that is worth something!

  • notauffsufan

    Sorry, this is just something I can’t get behind.
    Read more at http://gamedayr.com/lifestyle/fans/worst-florida-gators-fan-jameis-winston-102247/#E27UKrmvlWya2Ol6.99
    Sorry, this is just something I can’t get behind.
    Read more at http://gamedayr.com/lifestyle/fans/worst-florida-gators-fan-jameis-winston-102247/#E27UKrmvlWya2Ol6.99Sorry, this is just something I can’t get behind.

    Read more at disagree…. the admiration for an individual is not divided among college lines….simply because he is a gator fan doesn’t mean he can’t be a Winston fan… and now he has both favorites on one item….. and Mr. Winston had no problem signing the hat….. When Mr. Winston goes pro, I am sure there will be some non-fsu fans that root for him despite and perhaps in spite of the team he plays for……