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Chad Johnson Has A Montreal Alouette CFL Jersey For Every Name

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First it was Chad Johnson. Then it was Ochocinco. Now you can also call him Mr. Huitcinq. Whatever your preference, there’s a Montreal Alouettes CFL jersey for you.

chad johnson cfl jersey


chad ochocinco cfl jersey


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  • Sly in Montreal

    As a Montrealer and Alouettes’ fan myself, I just hope he lasts more than 85 DAYS with the organization. Hopefully, his antics and history of questionable behavior are really behind him. The Alouettes’ brass has a very short fuse when it comes to players like “that”.

    GO, “Monsieur Quatre-vingt-cinq” (Mr. Eighty-five)! We ALL want this to work! ;-)

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