Sager Suit Watch: Purple hues for Clippers-Lakers opening night game

Sideline reporter Craig Sager was in Los Angeles for TNT’s opening night broadcast of Tinseltown’s two franchises. The Lakers took down the favored Clippers, 116-103, but the game is not why we are here.

No, that honor is bestowed upon the man with the suit plan, Mr. Craig Sager. The man’s fashion sense is absolutely breathtaking (appalling?).

For the opening night festivities, Sager wore a light violet shirt outfitted with a purple, black and yellow tie.

Then there’s the jacket. Plaid violet and white always looks good in front of a camera (right? RIGHT?), and it’s all set off with a violet handkerchief.

The pants, which you can’t see in this photo, were a brown tone.

In all honesty, Blake’s dunks have nothing on this outfit.

Be sure to check back in for the next installment of Sager Suit Watch. It never disappoints.