Gameday Fashion Tips 2013: Outfit ideas for fall weather

Ahhhh….do you feel it…that unmistakable crisp air and nearly non-existent humidity – oh, and warm fuzzy feeling that only pumpkin spiced lattes can induce? Fall is in the air – or so I’ve been told (for some reason the state of Florida still thinks its August – but I heard it on the pumpkin vine that it won’t be for much longer).

In anticipation of this seasoned transition (and for the lucky ones who really have no clue what humidity feels like), I want to start talking collegiate apparel for fall.

Fall apparel is relatively easy, but unexpectedly tricky. The temperature tends to suffer from bi-polar disorder during these months. During the course of a three and half hour game, the temperature has the ability to change up to 20 degrees as the night ensues. This doesn’t even include the prior hours spent tailgating in the sunshine. By the time that beer blanket wears off in the middle of the third quarter, you want to make sure you are well prepared – and looking good doing it!

That pesky weather plays with our emotions – one second it’s hot, the next it’s ice cold (or for those early risers for the noon games – the opposite).  I’m going to highlight outfits that make for easy transitions for when that weather gets temperamental with its temperature.

SCARVES: Ok, so this is a no brainer. These decorative neck warmers are the No. 1 go-to for fall accessories the second the temperature drops below 80 (or at least in Florida). Not only do they come in an endless amount of collegiate colors – they are compact. This makes it easy to stuff in your bag, or tie on to your purse for an additional decoration. GUYS, don’t be afraid to throw on a scarf! They make some really great masculine ones that are thinner for those warmer tailgates, but will also do the trick as it cools off. Plus, it’s perfect for wiping the beer off your face after starting the tailgate off with a shotgun.

  • Ladies: Zara has a great selection of not-so-literal color and pattern combinations for gameday AND they’re affordable.  The Monogram Merchant also has some cute classic chevron prints that you can have your initials put on!
  • Guys:  Jcrew always has some great options for both the more fashionably conservative and risk takers – plus, their scarves tend to go on sale quickly.

SOCKS: Simple yet they have the ability for big warmth and adding an extra sumtin’ sumtin’ to your look.

  • Ladies: Opt for taller socks to wear with tall boots so they pop out the top. This can break up a boot/pant look, or provide additional warmth if you’re wearing a shorter dress with tall boots (a personal favorite).  Urban Outfitters has some great tall socks with some decorative tops or cable knit patterns.
  • Guys: Rock out with your socks out! Hook & Albert and Happy Socks are the way to go.

SWEATERS: OK, so this seems like a pretty standard “fall” item. However, I think it deserves some revisiting and refreshing (and I don’t mean spitting your drink all over your sweater).

  • Ladies: Lets supersize it. A large sweater works perfectly as a short game day dress (and pairs perfectly with that boot-sock combo we discussed earlier). Clearly you don’t want to look like a hoochie/shacker – so add a skirt or slip underneath. H&M is definitely the place to score some affordable over-sized sweaters.
  • Guys:  Sweaters are a great way for you to show the not-so-literal school spirit. Get a fall colored version of your school colors and pair it with a complementary scarf mentioned above – or – layer it with a button down underneath. H&M is also your affordable sweater spot.

BACKPACK: What sort of fall fashion post would this be if I didn’t provide an option to carry those many layers we just discussed? The best part about the options I highlighted above is that they are easy to take off (minus the sweater dress option…unless you’re into being the next GAMEDAY meme). Backpacks are a great hands free way to ensure you don’t accidentally lose your scarf during the mid-day heat. I’m a big fan of you standard leather bags, or you can go for a more colorful option. Urban Outfitters always has a variety of bags in store and online.