First National Nike Ads Ever Aired Discovered By Marketing Firm

Marketing firm Wieden + Kennedy made quite the discovery earlier this month when it found the first ads ever created by the company. What’s more, those commercials were the first advertisements ever nationally broadcast by retail giant Nike.

According to the company’s website, it, along with Nike, has been on quite the treasure hunt for the lost tapes.

For all you ad geeks out there, we’re pretty damn pumped to share something very special with you. We’ve uncovered the first-ever ads made by Messrs. Wieden and Kennedy, Nike’s first-ever nationally broadcast work. Until today, two of these were considered lost and never vaulted. Our digital librarian Phoebe Owens has spent the entire time she’s been with W+K searching for them, alongside Nike historian Scott Reames, with the help of David Kennedy. Today, some old, poorly-labeled tapes proved to have what we’ve been searching for.

The ads ran during the New York Marathon, with the first somewhat resembling Apple’s landmark 1984 Super Bowl ad. The clips have been spliced into a composite Youtube video that offers a fascinating look at Nike’s running roots.

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