What About This Hypothetical Florida Gators Football Uniform Design?

We like to dream about any and all potential uniform combinations here at Gamedayr, so when this Florida Gators design popped up we figured we’d share it with you to gauge some feedback. It very well may have been floating around the Internet for some time, but the rendering just slid across our desk on Monday. With it being the dead of summer, what better time to talk hypotheticals.

The design features blue helmets, orange tops and blue pants. The jersey is accented with blue numbers, and blue, white and orange stripes on the shoulders. The “Gators” script on the helmet is orange, and the top of the helmet is lined with orange and white stripes.

Now that you’ve had a chance to digest this look, would you like to see it on the field?


An individual in the comments section has tipped on the original location of this uniform concept. It comes from a member of the SportsLogos.net forum with the handle Wyopokes2 – who, from his contact information, runs a branding and web design service. Here is the explanation behind his Florida rendering.

Well I had said this one was going to be pretty crazy, and I lied. I overhauled my original ideas with something I could get behind more. I personally am a massive Gator fan even though I don’t show it here on the boards. Almost every piece of clothing is a Florida Gator shirt. I really wanted something that I would love to see them come out with in a one off. I wanted it to feel like a true alternate, and made the jersey orange for this. The uniform features a sublimated Gator skin pattern on the helmet, jersey, and pants. This is similar to what they have done in one of their past pro combat uniforms. I used the University font for the numbers (less thick than on their current jerseys. On the back of the jersey I integrated some spines that can be seen on alligators. Lastly I wanted to include the striping that has been prominent on their jerseys for decades. Questions, comments, concerns, GO!

  • FL_Gator

    Jersey yes, Helmet no…

  • Da Beer

    Don’t share these concepts unless you give the creator. Too many of these concepts are being claimed to be made by people that didn’t really make them. This Florida concept was made by “wyopokes2” from the sportslogos.net concepts forum.


    • JB

      Thank you for passing on the origin of this concept. We never try to lay claim to these concepts, only pass them on so fans can enjoy. We pride ourselves on sourcing when we have the original creator so that the individual gets his/her proper recognition. I have updated the post with information from the forum – including links to both the thread and the user’s personal design site – in case people are interested in his other work. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. – JB

  • 1G8TR FAN

    I really like the look, helmet and all.