Navy’s Alternate ‘Summer White’ Uniforms Are Sharp

Under Armour has done it again with the release of its new “Summer White” uniforms for the Navy Midshipmen. The threads are inspired by the Navy’s white uniforms and include all-white gloves, cleats and a gold belt buckle. The uniforms will also be personalized to each cadet.

Per Navy Sports:

For the first time, uniforms will slightly vary from player to player, with each athlete wearing their specific rank on the field, depicted in the shoulder board and pant leg design of each uniform.

Freshmen will be wearing uniforms that only have the anchor on the shoulder and pant leg, but no stripes, while sophomores will have one diagonal stripe. Juniors will have two diagonal stripes and seniors will have one parallel stripe. Navy captains Noah Copeland and Parrish Gaines will wear a star and three parallel stripes, the rank of a midshipmen lieutenant.

Below are some photos of the new look. For more, check out the Under Armour Facebook page.