• Trojan Mannn

    Who cares, it’s Florida State.

  • Stephen Kiser

    Why do we constantly have to redesign logos? They are “logos” for a reason. Leave stuff alone!

  • GiveMeABreak

    It’s a minor tweak—nothing to get knickers all knotted up over.

  • Brent Coleman

    Minimal difference. As long as they don’t cave to P.C. and become the Maroon Arrows or something it’s OK.

  • gamnoparts

    looks like he’s got a mullet now…

  • Oceola

    AS a Gaytard alum you should go F yourself. Try to develop some unbiased journalistic skills. That is what the “comments” section is for. I can see you have a bright future in the food service industry.. Now go look in the mirror and practice this phrase.. Do you want fries with that?

  • Ronnie S Houser

    I don’t like it…

  • Spree

    Don’t like it at all. Should remain with old logo, if they want to change something test the waters with different uniforms like Oregon does.