NHL Logos Reimagined As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shields

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full gear, illustrator Rachel L. Cohen took it upon herself to reimagine each team’s NHL logo as a “Game Of Thrones” shield.

Cohen envisioned each NHL franchise as a sigil banner, producing the awesome pieces you see below. She shared the work to her Tumblr with the following description:

I really love medieval fantasy (The Tortall books, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.), and I love hockey. I recently got an idea of: “Why not make a sigil banner for each NHL team?!” So I did!

I told myself that I’d do one per day, but I kinda got on a roll and ended up finishing the project in a week!hahaha

Overall, I’m super freaking happy with the final piece. Hoping to get it possibly printed as a big poster soon! Maybe I’ll do some banner for former teams like the Nordiques and the Whalers too???

nhl game of thrones logosnhl game of thrones logos 2 nhl game of thrones logos 1nhl game of thrones logos 3

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