Northwestern unveils wild ‘Wounded Warrior’ uniforms for Michigan game

Northwestern’s football season may not be going according to plan, but that doesn’t mean the team can’t look good on the field. On Monday, ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell provided a first look at the red, white and blue uniforms the Wildcats will wear in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. The program will don them on Saturday, November 16 against Michigan.

Northwestern will be shedding purple altogether for this alternate Under Armour look. The uniforms are mostly gray, but feature an incredibly slick helmet. One half is stars, while the other is stripes. The same American flag accents are repeated atop each shoulder, on the backs of the legs, inside of the gloves and on Northwestern’s footwear.

northwestern wounded warrior uniforms 1

Here’s a close-up view of the helmet and gloves.

northwestern wounded warrior uniform

Rovell reports that player names will not be appearing on the backs of the jerseys. Instead, they will be replaced with patriotic keywords such as “Duty” and “Courage.” Just like the military, the name on the front is far more important than the name on the back.

In another nice touch, the uniform reads “Believe in heroes” along the helmet’s neckline, with each player’s number included above it.

northwestern wound warrior uniforms

Finally, Northwestern’s shoes are the most patriotically swagged-out pieces of footwear we’ve ever seen, and we’re loving them.

northwestern wounded warrior shoes

What do you think of Northwestern totally ditching its trademark purple in favor of our nation’s colors? A little too much, or a fantastic show of support for America’s military members worldwide?

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  • tjbra9

    KUDOS to Northwestern for supporting such as worthy cause. These soldiers have given so much for our freedoms.

  • Arkajun

    Northwestern’s support of “Wounded Warriors” is to be commended. But the used of blood spatters on the uniform and America’s colors are tasteless and despicable. I’m sure if our “Wounded Warriors” were asked about it, they would feel the same….Obviously, no one asked for their input.

    • The Marathon Man

      I couldn’t disagree more. Our servicepeople – wounded or otherwise – will love these! These are not “tasteless” or “dispicable”, and you clearly do not know what it means to serve.

    • Richard Sturms

      Nice of you to admit that you’re a troop hater! Considering all the sacrifices me and my fellow soldiers have made, I say if you haven’t been there, you have NO right to say anything against us! You ONLY exist in a free land thanks to our sacrifices

    • Col D

      As a retired 30 year Army veteran with deployments in 3 wars, I am deeply touched and honored by these uniforms. The blood spatters are reality, and too often that reality is ignored to make everyone feel all warm & happy. They are honoring Wounded Warriors. Guess what Arkajun, blood comes with wounds. I can guarantee you the Wounded Warriors will be honored that someone has the courage to look reality in the face and present it straight up, just like my fighting brethren do everyday. They are men & women of bravery & courage, who detest wimpy timidity. These uniforms are not some chessy half assed superficial flag wave. Acknowledgement of the blood and pain and wounds our heroes live with each and every day is the ultimate show of recognition & respect. I applaud Under Armour & Northwestern for their bold statement of recognition that really, truly celebrates my Warrior brethren. My heart goes out to you, my brothers.

  • hymnz1

    nothing says we’re American, like stars and stripes…always look great

  • Bigt588

    Why do teams wait for Michigan to come to their place to unveil they’re new uniforms du jour? It’s never, “Oh Illinois is coming to town, bust out the new uniforms!”

  • Footballfever

    Anytime we honor our military it is a great thing. I hope they like the uniforms but what’s up with the smokey gray? Looks like Tennessee’s new uniform. Has Tennessee started a new fad with the smokey gray?



  • JudyCheon

    I absolutely love it!!!!!

  • Sisko24

    Does Northwestern take any other actions to honor our wounded vets? Do any of the players and coaches visit VA hospitals (or others) to visit the wounded? Do they in any way spend time welcoming them back home? Do they work with them or their families to make certain they feel remembered and embraced? If so, this uniform gimmick isn’t at all bad. A bit gaudy, but that’s just my taste in football unis.
    But if they don’t do any of the things I mentioned above, then the uniform change would seem to be a cheap, exploitative and insincere way to make money and grab attention from those we sent in harm’s way.
    I hope they are doing this for the correct reasons.