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Olive Garden capitalizes on Oklahoma’s ‘Pastagate’ with t-shirt

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On Wednesday, Oklahoma announced that it had violated NCAA rules because players overindulged in pasta. Three Sooners were required to donate $3.83 to charity for the violation. Just like that, “Pastagate” was born.

A day later, and Olive Garden is capitalizing off of the pasta publicity, thanks to @RedditCFB. The chain restaurant will offer “I Love Pasta” shirts to the violators for only $3.83.

That’s cool and everything, but if the company really wants to make an impact, it should offer the t-shirt to everyone for $3.83. Let’s be honest, these shirts are probably just collecting dust in some back room as we speak.

*UPDATE* Olive Garden is so close with jumping on this campaign, yet so far away. You’ve got to just let the tweet live, OG.

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