Oregon Ducks Spring Game Uniforms ‘Salute the Day’

The Oregon Ducks are scheduled to give fans their first glimpse of the 2014 football team on Saturday, May 3, and they’ll be doing so in two new sets of uniforms. Oregon will pay tribute to the brave individuals protecting our freedom by wearing Nike Mach Speed “Salute the Day” spring game uniforms.

Following is a brief description of the home and away threads, courtesy of Nike, as well as a few photos. For more information on the design, click here.

For the past five years, Nike and the University of Oregon have partnered to create a custom-designed uniform for the team’s final Spring scrimmage. This year, both the home and away uniforms feature unique details including “Salute the Day” nameplates, as well as custom insignias and patches to honor those who serve our country by land, by sea and by air.

oregon ducks spring game uniforms 2014

oregon ducks spring game uniforms 2014 1

oregon ducks spring game uniforms 2014 2

oregon ducks spring game uniforms 2014 3

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  • http://sportsbuzzwithjame.wordpress.com Jame Wilson

    Being a Cal/Stanford fan i will attempt to set aside my obvious bias against all things Oregon. I can only hope that you’ll all believe that, as I pan their new uniforms. I flat out don’t like them. However, it’s not just the Ducks. This bright color craze has been sweeping the NCAA for at least a few years now and I hate it. The problem is that the broadcasters are already dialing up the color and contrast in order to make everything pop, and have been doing so ever since the dawn of high definition TV. Now the teams seem to be doing the same thing with the uniforms themselves. This redundancy is going to cost me not only my plasma TV, but also my retinas, as it rapidly burns them both out. Either the schools need to stop choosing their new colors from a box of highlighters, or the broadcasters need to learn how to moderate the intensity of the picture that they send out. As is stands right now, the gamma levels are so high that only Bruce Banner can truly appreciate the potential effects.