Photo: San Antonio Spurs unveil new camouflage uniforms

Paul Lukas of UniWatch reports that the San Antonio Spurs will be breaking out a brand-new set of alternate, camouflage uniforms in two different games during the upcoming 2013-14 season. The first time will be for San Antonio’s Nov. 13 home game against the Washington Wizards for USAA Salute Night. The second occasion will be on a surprise date yet to be announced.

The Spurs’ two breakout stars from the 2013 playoffs, Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, modeled both the front and back of the alternate threads. The front features the Spurs’ logo off-center, and slightly below a smallish numeral on the right side. The back features a far larger, white-bordered black number below the players’ name. There is also a thick black stripe running from under the arms, all the way down to the knee, bordered with two silver stripes.

The bordering around the arms and the neck are the exact opposite color pattern: Thick silver with thin black striping outside.

Paul Lukas/Twitter

What do you think of these new uniforms? A classy salute to our great military forces worldwide, or a bit too much?

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  • Chris Bragg

    Where are the players? I can’t see them.