#TheSmoke: Miami breaks out black jerseys, new helmets for Virginia Tech game

The Miami Hurricanes were looking to rebound following a blowout loss to Florida State against Virginia Tech. The ‘Canes broke out some true “U” swag for the occasion.

Miami is known for its smokey team entrances, and now the program has the uniforms to match. The Hurricanes sported what look like black jerseys, but are actually called “The Smoke” Nike jerseys against Va. Tech.

The jerseys feature prominent numerals bordered in orange, with the word “Hurricanes” replacing individual player names on the backs. The pants are fairly standard, but the white helmets boast some subtly solid flair.

The orange and green “U” is actually foil, instead of the standard sticker, and there is gray smoke rising up from the ears and neck into the white of the rest of the helmet.

Check out the uniforms in a pre-game huddle, but be careful: the players use some NSFW language. There are also more photos of the swaggerish look below.

miami hurricanes blackout uniforms 2

miami hurricanes blackout uniforms 1

miami hurricanes blackout uniforms

Miami Hurricanes/Twitter