Sage Kotsenburg reps Team USA with outfit for Sochi closing ceremony

You can take Sage Kotsenburg out of the Sochi Olympics, but you can’t take the Sochi Olympics out of Sage Kotsenburg. While Kotsenburg wasn’t in Russia for the closing ceremony on Sunday, he still made sure to rep the red, white and blue. The gold medalist dressed up in Team USA’s Ralph Lauren outfits for the event and watched it on TV.

Kotsenburg shared the following photo on Instagram with the caption:

“I’m not in Russia for the Closing Ceremonies so I dressed up and am watching this business on TV, swag game stronger than Hulk Hogan’s Bicep#YoThisThingIsHot #TurtleNecksAreBack.”

We hope to see you in Pyeongchang, Sage.