Texas Tech unveils new ‘Lone Survivor’ uniforms for K-State game

When Texas Tech plays host to Kansas State on Nov. 9, the Red Raiders will be wearing a wild, new set of uniforms for a great cause.

On Monday, the program unveiled its “Lone Survivor” uniforms. The Under Armour threads don’t just boast a video game-esque name. According to SB Nation, these uniforms have been designed and will be worn in support of the Lone Survivor Foundation – an organization founded in 2010 by retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell.

The foundation was formed by Luttrell to serve injured and mentally embattled former servicemen and women.

The jerseys will be auctioned off after the game, with 100-percent of the proceeds going to the foundation.

Under Armour designed the threads and helmet with Luttrell’s “Never Quit” attitude in mind. We can see his can-do slogan all over the black and dark red helmet, which also features a red stripe racing down the middle and wings along each side.

The mostly grey jersey also maintains the black and red winged theme in the shoulders. The design commemorates Operation Red Wings, a mission which Luttrell survived to gather intelligence on the Taliban. Luttrell himself survived the mission, but 19 of his fellow brothers and sisters-at-arms lost their lives. They are remembered with a “19” patch on the right collarbone, just below the back numerals, and finally on the socks.

The grey pants feature the red and black wings on the backs of each leg. Unlike the helmet, both the shoulder and pant designs are bordered in white.

This is a great new set of uniforms that will benefit an even better cause.

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