TJ Oshie’s Sochi moment immortalized on ‘TJ Sochi’ t-shirt, hoodie

A new star was introduced to America this past Saturday morning. After a gripping eight round shootout between Team USA and Russia, TJ Sochi was no longer just a hockey player for the St. Louis Blues. No, the shootout specialist was now an Olympic hero.

For his toppling of home-favored Russia, Oshie was quickly given the nickname “TJ Sochi.” The folks at Rivalry Wear have now immortalized that moment with these slick TJ Sochi t-shirts and hoodie.

toj sochi t shirt

tj sochi t shirt 1

tj sochi hoodie sweatshirt

Prices are currently $14, but for every 10 items purchased, the cost decreases until the end of the deal. For more on how Rivalry Wear works, and to purchase one of your own, click here.