GIF: Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille goes streaking in Wembley Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars can always count on Jaxson DeVille to lighten the mood when they are losing by four touchdowns. Jaxson decided to take what was his in Wembley Stadium, and streaked across the field like a boss.

The Jaguars may not be champions on the field, but they have the true heart of a champion in Jaxson off of it.

Can’t nobody hold Jaxson down, can’t nobody take his pride. Oh no, he’s got to keep on streaking.

[GIF via SB Nation]

  • Ronald R Worthington

    what if?? they signed Timmy Terrific and actually started winning games????

    • Kevin

      What if they can draft a better quarterback…

      • Ronald R Worthington

        rebuilding???? if you draft, you MUST plan on a length of time to get the new guy up to speed, plus you have to learn if he will actually be able to do the job. very few have passed this test. however, if you can find a player who has already done it, is a proven winner and leader, wouldn’t it make more sense??? 3 best examples–Kurt Warner–dumped by NFL Europe, was playing arena football when the rams ‘discovered’ him. Maurice Jones-Drew– undrafted, was playing for the Colorado Crush before the jags ‘discovered’ him. Alex Smith-went thru hell at SF & AZ, finally replaced by Kap–he has now found a team that app. wants and needs what he can do; look where he is right now!?!? TT won the Heisman & a nat’l champ. he did a fantastic job in Denver, considering that elway hated him, and they worked hard to cause him to lose–he won games anyway. actually had better stats for starting out than elway, brady and peyton !?!? the jags really need help NOW, not a possibility 3-4 years down the road!