Guy Who Filed The Johnny Manziel Hoax Lawsuit Is Jonathan Lee Riches

“Who filed the Johnny Manziel hoax lawsuit,” you ask. It was this creeper: Jonathan Lee Riches. Apparently the guy is a “serial filer” who loves to toss out all kinds of frivolous lawsuits.

Apparently he’s a big deal in the fake lawsuit community, because Riches has his own Wikipedia page, a slew of pictures on Google, a few different Facebook pages and this terrifyingly amusing write-up by The Smoking Gun.

And here we thought Johnny Manziel waving his pecker around at It’s A Small World marked the decline of western civilization. In actuality, it was sideburns over here fantasizing about Johnny Cleveland pulling the ol’ dick in the hot dog trick … and then submitting it to the American legal system … which then pushed the verkakte story right on through. Rock, flag and f*cking eagle.