High School Baseball Coach’s Epic Rant Would Make Bobby Knight Blush

First, let’s get the pc stuff out of the way: this high school baseball coach’s rant, while epic, is terrible. He’s yelling at kids. The below clip is only two minutes, but the entire tirade ran for 17 minutes (Deadspin has it here). Coach (and athletic director) Kim Brooks has been placed on administrative leave for his actions.

With all that said, this thing is hilarious. Would I be pissed if this joker was so abrasive with my kids? Probably. But having no skin in the game, I can’t help but laugh. What can I say, I love a good tirade – and this one is even bleeped for your work viewing pleasure.

And because it’s my civic duty to play a Bobby Knight rant whenever another channels The General, here is the king of NSFW sports rants.