Jameis Winston Rape Painting Sure To Evoke Strong Emotions

Below is a digital painting by Florida State student Lena NW. It’s quite complex, but here’s the gist:

A Jameis Winston shrine stares on regally while being fellated by a Pike fraternity bro (read here for the backstory on Pike). Below the shrine are two women – one looking shamed and closed off emotionally, the other passed out and bloodied. Further down the painting (under the ritualistic chopping arms), awash in a sea of money, is Winston, on all fours, being sodomized by a bikini-clad women wearing a Heisman strap-on. The look on Winston’s face is one of lust, as he stares at a smiling crab, which has presumably given him an erection. There is FSU imagery (spears, tomahawks, etc.) scattered throughout the piece, as well as a not so subtle nod to capitalist giant Nike.

jameis winston rape painting

All I can say is: this is the best thing I’ve ever seen come out of Tallahassee (including legislation). Kudos to Lena NW for cutting through the bull crap of sports deification that has permeated our culture and is currently watering down society. While it is most assuredly running rampant on her campus – FSU may currently be the most prominent poster child – this over-glorification can be subbed for a myriad of schools and franchises. Ones that turn a blind eye away from rape culture societal malcontents while simultaneously fueling entitlement.

Here is a snippet of her artist statement (of which you can read the rest here):

 I find that socially aberrant behavioral extremes are becoming a part of the culture of my generation (early Millennial), and is likely a response to the variety of content the internet has made  available (i.e.; snuff, pornography, bestiality), and the way the internet has created an accessibility and the illusion of ubiquity to this type of content.  I allude to contemporary pornography by eroticizing my female figures and male appendages and place stereotypical erotic imagery amongst biologically offensive and disruptive imagery to heighten the viewer’s disgust reaction.

Disruptive imagery, indeed. Though she articulated far better – with far fewer words – than nearly every likeminded individual with a writing or speaking platform. The purpose of art is to evoke strong emotions. This student hit her mark perfectly.


  • Marc

    so what does the money have to do with anything??? Instead, she should have placed dollar signs in the eyes of the “woman scorn”, at least then the placement of money would make sense. Enjoy your 15 minutes, ma’am

  • Marc

    m’kaaaaaaayyyyy… artist bio here: Lena NW is a Digital Media Arts Undergraduate at the Florida State University. She does not identify with a home town. She is inspired by certain rap music, hentai, shojo manga and South Park. Though not confirmed it is likely that she is the reincarnation of Kali who is a bro-dude happily placed inside the body of a kawaii anime girl.

  • Pudgy Ashburton

    Awsome painting. Guess now that jameis got his Heisman and national championship, the investigation can go on.

  • natterin nabob

    The only thing in that painting that really “heightened my disgust reaction” was putting the address of her website in the painting. It will really depress me if it becomes standard for artists to innclude their websites on their paintings. Honesltly, once I noticed that, the rest of the imagery just kind of fell away for me, because I went from looking at a painting to looking at flagrant self-promotion.

    Too bad, because I was liking the painting until I noticed that.

    • Daniel Helwys

      When an artist has a showing at a gallery what do you think that is? Do you think the artist enjoys making tiny sandwiches for complete strangers? You know Andy Warhol was shunned by fellow artist b/c of his commercial success and it turned out well for him.

      • natterin nabob

        I have no idea what your point is. I understand completely that an artist has to promote themselves to sell art, if that is what you are trying to say. However, Andy Warhol didn’t print his phone number on his paintings so that prospective buyers could call him about it. That would turn a painting into a business card, which is exactly what the artist above has done.

        • Daniel Helwys

          To me this is no different than an artist signing their name on the piece. That’s the point I was trying to make. A web address doesn’t subtract anything away from this but if it does for you then I understand.

  • John Mitchell

    This isn’t art. This is merely the work of an immature youth, probably fresh out of high school, full of ideals yet too young and eager for some simple bit of fame to realize how foolish this pathetic attempt at trying to make an artistic statement will seem five years from now. She knows how to paint, but she doesn’t know Jack Shit about life. Like most of us once believed, teenagers and college students all “know” they are the smartest people in the world. Then, they have to get jobs and find out life isn’t such an ideal world after all, and they can’t change a damn thing about it. Cheers!

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  • imnoleangel

    The author is correct, this is the best thing to come out of Tallahassee. Jameis Winston deserves this and so does FSU. I am a big fan of the Seminoles, but even I cannot stomach the blatant favoritism and protection from the university. This young man better get it together and get it quick because I don’t know if the third time will be a charm for him.

  • Angela Rose Guerra

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