Video: Jim Calhoun Calls John Calipari A ‘Bullshitter’

It’s no secret that Jim Calhoun and John Calipari have never been too fond of one another. With Calhoun’s former team, UConn, facing off against Calipari’s Wildcats on Monday night for the national championship, the media is making the rounds on any story lines within the game. WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan invited Calhoun on the show the morning of the title game to discuss his relationship with Calipari.

Calhoun didn’t beat around the bush, calling Cal “a bullshitter,” but also going on to commend the Kentucky coach on the job he’s done. Following is the transcript, as well as the video.

“The one thing about John, John can become, you know, a bullshitter. … The good thing about John … that’s why I actually have a better relationship with John than I used to many years ago, John kind of knows that. At least I think he knows that. He’s actually kind of a tolerable guy to be around. He’s actually a pretty good guy to be around. I don’t do business the way he does. But he’s done a good job coaching. His way, one-and-done, most institutions are not going to allow do what Kentucky does. But that’s okay. That’s a lot of kids to leave early. But he can coach. He gets his kids to play. He’s done a good job certainly getting talent.”

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