Jim Irsay Sends Thank You Tweet For Support Following Arrest

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay found himself behind bars early Monday morning following an arrest for a DUI and possession of a controlled substance. He was released from the Hamilton County Jail at approximately 1:30 p.m., and shortly after took to Twitter to thank those who have been supporting him.

If nothing else, hopefully Irsay budgets for a private driver from here on out. It’s not like it’s going to hurt his billion dollar bank account.


  • Tumblindice58

    The dudes as worthless as tits on a boarhog and people need to quit supporting idiots like this behavior,Why is it the people with the most resources get the all the support and the people who need support cant find any resources?This assclown fell assbackws into being rich and doesnt know the meaning of a dollar much less respect and responsibility,You could see it in that 2012 inteview that he was high then and touting about beating it!