Jim Kelly Finishes Cancer Radiation Treatments, Inspiring Pictures From The Day

Jim Kelly finished kicking cancers butt on Wednesday with his final day of radiation treatments. It was an emotional day for the Buffalo Bills legend – one that his wife Jill and daughter Erin documented on Instagram. The below pictures will hopefully provide inspiration to other individuals also battling for their lives. For Kelly, we hope that this round of treatments rids him from cancer once and for all.

At 1pm today! Last Radiation. IT IS FINISHED! GLORY TO GOD!!!! DONE! THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!#prayersforJK #kellytough

And then we get back to the hospital room and the nursing staff puts this treasure in his room!!! WE ARE OVERWHELMED!!! We thank GOD FOR ALL OF YOU!#prayersforJK #kellytough

High fives. Tears. And A LOT OF THANKS AND PRAISE!!!! #prayersforJK Again, THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! Don’t stop!

HE’S DONEEEEE!!!!!! NO MORE RADIATION!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! #prayersforjk #kellytough

It’s time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!! No more radiation!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!! #prayersforjk #kellytough

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