Kenny Smith gives Chris Webber a ‘timeout’ on TNT’s Inside the NBA

On the NBA’s opening night, Chris Webber had a little fun at the expense of co-worker Kenny Smith. On Thursday night, Smith fired back.

When Webber walked bowlegged up to Kenny’s Pictures, the entire TNT Halftime crew had a laugh about the Jet’s bad knees. Kenny’s response was simple: timeout. He knocked Webber out with one simple word and gesture.

Kenny Smith Chris Webber Timeout TNT inside the nba

Chris Webber’s ill-fated timeout sealed the 1993 National Championship for the Tar Heels. Kenny Smith is a North Carolina alumnus, so the joke holds extra weight for him. Webber was funny, but Smith is a two-time NBA Champion. To the victor goes the spoils.

[Photo via @cjzero]