Mark Cuban Issues Twitter Apology To Trayvon Martin For Bigotry Statements

In the past 24 hours, Mark Cuban has found himself in the middle of news headlines. Cuban’s Inc. interview regarding the racism and bigotry he confronts as an entrepreneur and owner has stirred up quite the debate. In short, Cuban addressed how no individuals have completely pure thoughts, and that it’s his responsibility to try and solve his own faults (i.e. feeling a need to cross the street at night if he were approaching a black kid in a hoodie).

On Thursday afternoon, Cuban took to Twitter to revisit his interview, apologizing for not initially realizing the Trayvon Martin correlation to his statement, while also continuing to stand behind the meaning of what he said.

Cuban further discussed bigotry, as well as several other topics, in a second Inc. interview which you can read here. It’s well worth your time.