11 Plausible New NFL Rules Proposed By Twitter

Earlier this week, a group of NFL higher-ups sat at a table and engaged in a serious discussion over whether players will be allowed to dunk on goalposts (spoiler alert: they won’t). After the No Fun League came to its ever-so-important ruling, football fans on Twitter decided to have a little fun.

The hashtag #NewNFLRules sprung from the Twitterverse’s collective consciousness, and in a flash, creativity was off and running. Here are 11 rule changes proposed by Twitter that, if implemented, would no longer shock the world.

1. No Forceful Tackling
2. Road Trip Permission Slips
3. Wide Receiver Fair Catches
4. Flag Football Blitz Rules
5. High Five Lines
6. No Congratulatory Moves After Plays
7. New First Down Rule
8. Interceptions Are Mean
9. No Tebowing Allowed
10. Lombardi Participation Trophy
11. BJ For Roger