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*UPDATE* Paris Hilton’s Nelson Mandela tweet was a solid troll job

Cred: @HistoricalPics

And with just one tweet, Paris Hilton killed the internet following Nelson Mandela’s death.

When all else fails, and you have no clue what you are talking about, just quote Martin Luther King Jr.

paris hilton nelason mandela tweet fail

If you are looking for celebrities with more of a brain, we have a post of several sharing their condolences here.


Paris Hilton is not as brain dead as we previously thought. BuzzFeed has reported that the tweet was sent by the Twitter account @DeletedTweets. Hilton was on a flight during the time of Mandela’s death.

Troll job well done, @DeletedTweets. Fooled me.


Hilton tweeted upon landing, and responded to the previous tweet heard round the internet, as well as the idiots (read: me) who posted it.

[Thanks to College Spun for the brain damage]

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