Photo: Homophobic idiot protests with ‘fag’ sign on Missouri campus

The question with this photo isn’t why the person is standing in cold weather with homophobic signs extremely far away from a large crowd.

No, the real question is why, if God hates America, is the person still in the country? Must be a masochist as well.


Turns out there is more context to this photo than I originally thought. There was a protest of homosexuality, by the Westboro Baptist Church, on Missouri’s campus.

The Tigers community, in a symbol of spectacular unity and defiance, locked arms, turned their backs on the zealots, and sang the school’s alma mater until the crowd dispersed.

In sum: there was not one homophobic idiot protesting “fag enabling” in Columbia, but rather an entire ship of fools.

Kudos for the students and community for standing in the name of tolerance, and drowning out the lunacy. What a powerful movement. Damn fine job by that campus.

“The highest result of education is tolerance” – Helen Keller.

[Thanks to CBS Sports for filling in the gaps]