Photo: Florida’s Marcus Maye gouges Georgia Southern player’s eyes

Sorry Florida, you can’t escape the embarrassing loss to Georgia Southern – not now, not next year, or the five after that. It’s here to haunt you for the foreseeable future.

Following is a photo sequence, courtesy of Steve Johnson, of Florida DB Marcus Maye gouging the eyes of an Eagles player after tackling him.

The 26-20 defeat was bad enough, however, the plays that have been brought to light since (i.e. Gators blocking each other) just keep adding insult to Florida’s season.

During the Gators’ annual rivalry game against Georgia, linebacker Antonio Morrison was spotted gouging Todd Gurley’s eyes. It seems like Florida has a knack for doing it right in front of the camera.

marcus maye gouging georgia southern eyesmarcus maye gouging georgia southern eyes 1marcus maye gouging georgia southern eyes 2

  • Kristina

    I don’t believe that. That’s bs and wasn’t what happened

    • candyman

      really? sure doesn’t look photo shopped to me. Please explain exactly what happened.

      • quack

        The big eye in the sky dont lie!

  • Fuhgetaboutit

    You can’t convince a Gayturd that their players are thugs! UF is a cheap shot school, plain and simple!