Photo: The LeBron James-Ben McLemore dunk poster

At least Ben McLemore can cherish the time he spent with LeBron James by hanging this dunk poster on his wall.

Photo: Twitter/BleacherReport

WATCH: LeBron Dunks all over Ben McLemore

  • ac

    tired of the word “posterized” being thrown around at every dunk these days, diluting the quality of nba play evern more. look at every dunk poster from the 90s and 00s. it’s always when the defender goes up for the block THEN gets dunked on. mclemore made a smart play (and although close, had both feet established and should’ve drawn a charge) and didnt go up for the block.

    • Jonathan

      I agree with you that “posterized” is used too liberally. It’s become lazy writing and an SEO grab. When posting I try to come up with all kinds of words: yammed, dunked, hammered home, dropped the hammer, threw it down, murdered, killed, crushed, rocked, beasted, annihilated, etc. This dunk, though, was a total posterization. Mc didn’t get the call and paid the price (same as guys who whiff on the blocks). It’s legit. I’ve started a rule where try not to post a slam unless I get “dunk face” while watching. Cheers!