Photo: Pierre the Pelican’s new look following reconstructive surgery

If you’re not hip to the NBA’s mascot happenings, let me fill you in. Pierre the Pelican, arguably the scariest mascot in the history of organized sport, broke his beak and needed reconstructive surgery. It was a bad scene, man.

Thankfully, Pierre is okay and out of surgery. And really, his beak job is probably the best rhinoplasty since Mr. Garrison had work done. He may look like a macaw now, but at least he won’t be haunting little kids’ nightmares.


I should’ve known better than to trust that damn Bango. He’s not a reputable source like Stuff the Magic Dragon, Benny the Bull, or the Phoenix Gorilla. Below is a more trustworthy informer with what appears to be Pierre’s new look. Pierre: looking good, cuz. Bango: you’re a troll.