$25 All-Time Five-Piece Rock Band: Build Your Own Supergroup

Here you go, gamedayrs, the latest addition to the all-time fantasy game lineup is for a five-piece rock band. Take $25 and build your very own supergroup.

Since it’s the offseason and I can afford to spend 20 minutes getting sucked into the game, here’s a group for you. Jaco Pastorius ($9) and Stewart Copeland ($2) anchor the rhythm section; Eric Clapton ($4) and Neil Young ($5) on the guitars; and David Bowie ($5) as lead vocals.

The group is all about versatility. Clapton, Young and Bowie all have singing chops. Pastorius brings in some jazz fusion elements. Copeland can kick tempo or play bluesy stuff. Clapton lives with the blues, but can easily slide into being a rhythm guitarist. Bowie and Young are two of the most wide-ranging, experimental artists of all time.

One album may be jazz, one could be folk, one might be rock. And don’t sleep on the 3-hour live album with monster jam sessions. You never know what you’re getting with this group, but it’s going to push the boundaries and will definitely be awesome.

Whose your squad?

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