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Alcohockey: 10 reasons why Canada’s drinking game dominates beer pong

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Cred: Photo: Imgur

On Friday, the world was introduced to “alcohockey.” Move over, beer pong, there is a new sheriff in town. Here are 10 reasons why alcohockey dominates beer pong, and why it should become America’s newest drinking game.

  1. You don’t have to chase rogue ping pong balls around. An air hockey puck is much easier to keep track of.
  2. There’s no need for a water cup, since it’s rare that the puck will leave the table.
  3. Alcohockey can be played in all kinds of weather. There’s no need to worry about windy conditions.
  4. As you booze, coordination goes right out the window. Don’t worry about aiming here. Grip it and rip it.
  5. Since there’s not much coordination needed, you can play deeper into your buzz than with beer pong.
  6. A crushed ping pong ball will ruin a game of beer pong. Crushing an air hockey puck is much more difficult.
  7. The rules are more straightforward. Look at the setup – there’s no room for blowing, bouncing, etc. House rules suck.
  8. Less spillage. Don’t worry about cups falling on your carpet; they’re set inside the table.
  9. Alcohockey is faster paced. Beer pong grinds to a halt when people can’t make shots. There’s no buzzkill here.
  10. It’s f***ing air hockey. Who doesn’t love air hockey?

**Bonus** The name is better. There’s no beer pong/Beirut debate going on here. Alochol+hockey = Alcohockey. It’s the perfect name.

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