Aussie Rules Player Perfects New Strangling Tackle Technique

One minute you’re rasslin’ around for the ball, the next minute you’re on the ground, tied up in a Vulcan death grip as some dude practices his new strangling technique: such is the life of an Aussie rules football player, I suppose.

For his part, Drew Petrie (the strangled) has downplayed the event with Brian Lake (the strangler). Per the Herald Sun:

Petrie said he expected more to come on Monday of the incident that is tipped to see Lake charged with misconduct and the matter sent directly to the AFL Tribunal.

But the Kangaroos veteran said he was “comfortable with how the events panned out’,’ playing down suggestions he was struggling for breath during the third-quarter attack.

If he can move on, so can we. It also gives me a chance to finally squeeze a Ted Nugent video into a post.

[Extra Mustard]