Bill Simmons Slides A Clippers Draft V. Stiviano Joke Past The Goalie

Now that ESPN has Bill Simmons on its NBA Draft coverage, fans get a firsthand experience of what it’s like watching the event with Dr. Simbo. Sure we’re deprived of the annual draft day diary (eww, reading), but we get to watch the organic process of his one-liners as they manifest. One of the best from Thursday’s event was this sly jab at the Clippers drafting V. Stiviano, which he snuck in just before the actual selection.

He’s not for everybody, but the Simmons addition has allowed the NBA to further differentiate itself from the NFL. One league gravitates more towards fun and fans, the other is all about the experts. Whatever your flavor, you have to admit the dig was a goodie. Low-hanging fruit ripe for the plucking.

[Thanks to Michael Shamburger for the clip and the awesomely named PitbullEqualsHipHop for the find]