Boston Radio Host’s Erin Andrews Critique Is A Bitch

In the short time I’ve written for Gamedayr (somewhere around a year now) the thing I’ve found most jarring is this industry’s lack of professional camaraderie.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s those folks not on the top tier (writers at SI and ESPN with whom I’ve corresponded are very congenial), but those who so desperately want to “make it.” The ones scraping and clawing with fangs out, ready to drop any perceived competition. Be it through Twitter, email chains or even hatchet job articles, the middle rungs of sports journalism/reporting are a Machiavellian wet dream.

Or so I thought it was just cutthroat Internet sites.

Apparently this king of the mountain pissing match extends well beyond the nether regions of sports blogdom, slithering its tentacles into radio and television.

On Wednesday morning, Kirk Minihane, a cohost for the “Dennis and Callahan Morning Show” on WEEI in Boston, took a moment to criticize Erin Andrews’ performance during Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game. Specifically her interview with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright following his controversial pitch to Derek Jeter. Take a look.

The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show must be a comedy program because there is something supremely f***ing funny about a group of guys discussing journalistic integrity and ethics while flippantly calling Andrews a “bitch.”

Or maybe this show is a dramedy, because it’s also terribly f***ing painful listening to a group of middle-aged men channel the ghost of Archie Bunker.

Whatever the case, it’s bullshit like this that makes cynics of us all.

We feel the avenue of sports is progressing. It’s coming around on benign, real-world subjects – you know, like race equality, homosexuality and women having jobs outside of the home. And then, bam! a group of shock jocks start wagging their dicks on Boston radio like it’s Sterling Cooper. Instead of pushing a progressive agenda, we’re reminded that the boys’ club extends well beyond the locker room.

But such is the world these days. After all, they got the pub. How much run would a nuanced discussion on Andrews’ lack of heavy-hitting questions get? Yeah, you’re right, that’s not fun.

The shock was there. The schtick was there. And so, too, are the clicks.

Unfortunately the loudest voices are the ones most-often heard.

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