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College Football Bowl Preview 2013-14: The Clunkers

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Tis the season of bowls and no, I will not merely rank the bowls. Anyone can do that. I’m going to rank the bowls on actual destination, and if fans of the respective teams should spend the money on going. As a side note this is meant to be fun. Any sarcasm and snark isn’t meant to insult the hard-working teams, but rather deride the sheer stupidity of having a whopping 35 bowl games.

Lousy game, not thrilled about the City

GoDaddy bowl: Mobile, Alabama

The top-listed thing to do on in Mobile is Ladd-Peebles Stadium, where the game is played, so at least you’ll knock that off. I’m sure fans of the Arkansas State Red Wolves and Ball State Cardinals want to see some warmer weather, and I’m sure Mobile locals will have a lot to say about the history of their city (which it has a ton of). However, January weather ranges from the 40s to the 60s, so that isn’t much better than what fans would be leaving.

Odds of me going (if I were a fan of ASU/BSU) – 0%

…So why watch on TV?

Ball State is really, really good. The Cardinals finished behind only nationally ranked Northern Illinois in the MAC; took down ACC school Virginia; and the only other loss was on the road to 8-win North Texas. Arkansas State is also hot, winning four of five down the stretch to make a bowl. Ball State senior quarterback Keith Wenning looks to cap his fantastic career (11,000 yards, 91 TDs), lead his school to its first bowl victory (0-6 all time) and make up for last year’s bowl defeat.

Odds of me watching: 65%

BBVA: Birmingham Alabama

My parents actually traveled to Birmingham recently and enjoyed beautiful weather while it snowed in Iowa. Unfortunately that was November when the weather was still in the 60s. The best thing going for Birmingham is all the history, which history nerds (I am for sure in that camp) will dig.

Odds of me going (if I were a fan of Vanderbilt/Houston) – 1%

…So why watch on TV?

These are up-and-coming programs. Vandy capped off another strong year under James Franklin, and Houston had a nice season in the AAC. As the young AAC looks for credibility, knocking off an SEC foe will help mightily. Vanderbilt can win its third bowl since 2008 – not bad considering before the recent success they were 1-1-1 all time.

Odds of me watching: 90%

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, Detroit Michigan

Detroit does have an MGM grand, and the game is in a dome; however, you still have to walk from your car to the stadium. I’ll take in the Detroit rebuild and local flavor at a less wintery time.

Odds of me going (if I was a fan of Pitt) – 0%

Odds of me going (if I was a Bowling Green) – 5% (reasonable drive)

…So why watch on TV?

You just saw what Bowling Green did to NIU, right?  Talk about peaking at the right time. For a young Pitt team that went just 2-4 down the stretch, they have an opportunity to finish strong – especially for Tom Savage making his final start.

Odds of me watching: 85%

Great City, wrong time of year

New Era Pinstripe: New York, New York

I’ll say this about the bowl, snagging Notre Dame and “local fan favorite” Rutgers will put it on the map a little bit. But New York City on December 28th? No … just no.

Odds of me going (if I was a Notre Dame fan) – 0%

Odds of me going (if I was a Rutgers fan) – 15%

…So why watch on TV?

We all love those snowy NFL games, right? Actually there is little reason to watch. Notre Dame was undoubtedly burned by finishing 1-2, thus falling to this bowl. Rutgers had to win its final game to make a bowl (and has already rewarded that effort by unloading assistants).

Odds of me watching: 0%

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Boise, Idaho

I would rather take in the picturesque state capital when there isn’t eighty feet of snow.

Odds of me going (if I were a fan of Buffalo/SDSU) – 0%

…So why watch on TV?

Buffalo used a seven-game win streak in the middle of their season to have its best year in a long time. SDSU rallied after a slow start to win seven of their final nine, and nearly took down Fresno State before losing in overtime. Speaking of overtime: the Bulls played a five-overtime thriller this season against the Seawolves of Stony Brook (I had to put that in!). The fact that Buffalo has been downright stinky the last few years has me excited to see if they can get a rare bowl win.

Odds of me watching: 45%

Gildan New Mexico Bowl

The history and landscape of New Mexico intrigues me. I would fight their 30-degree weather for the bowl, but would still rather go in spring. So why would I zip up the coat to go this year – or any year? Well, the games are usually decent since they have Pac 12 and Mountain West teams squaring off.

Odds of me going (if I were a WSU/CSU) – 20%

…So why watch on TV?

The sneaky-good Rams program is making its 7th bowl game since 2000 – a bowl every other year is nothing to scoff at for a smaller program. Meanwhile, Wazzu is finally back from the dark days, with Mike Leach leading the team to its first bowl since 2003 (yes a decade folks). I like when up-and-comers get a chance to prove something.

Odds of me watching: 95%

Laughable bowl name, laughable venue, good travel destination

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg, Florida

Let’s shorten it to the even more ridiculous BOB bowl. [Side bar, I had the “privilege” of going to a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Clemson, SC earlier this year, and all I can say about it is that their free Wi-Fi was nice.] This game is being played in the Trop – the dump the Rays play their baseball games in. The best thing about going: the average December high is 74 degrees. Can I go to the city but not the game? If so I’ll take that deal.

Odds of me going (if I were a ECU/Ohio Fan) – 33%

…So why watch on TV?

ECU can score, score, score. The 10th-ranked scoring offense (40.4 ppg) shredded almost everyone they played. Outside of an uncharacteristically bad game against Marshall to end the year, ECU could have been in the C-USA title game.

Odds of me watching: 50%

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