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College Football Bowl Preview 2013-14: Hey … these aren’t terrible

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Tis the season of bowls and no, I will not merely rank the bowls. Anyone can do that. I’m going to rank the bowls on actual destination, and if fans of the respective teams should spend the money on going. As a side note this is meant to be fun. Any sarcasm and snark isn’t meant to insult the hard-working teams, but rather deride the sheer stupidity of having a whopping 35 bowl games.

Fantastic City…but do I have to go to the game?

R+L Carriers New Orleans: New Orleans, Louisiana

I love the Crescent city. From the food to the music to Harrah’s, there is literally nothing to not love about the city. Kudos to the bowl organizers to snag two local teams so the game looks well-attended on TV.

Odds me going (if I were a Louisiana-Lafayette fan) – 95% (its a two hour drive!)

Odds of me going (if I were a Tulane fan) – 100% (its in the same friggin’ city!)

…So Why Watch on TV?

Other than Tulane having its best season since Shaun King was behind center, and me lobbying for Mark Hudspeth to get a better job, nothing. I am a die-hard college football fan, so this moves my meter much more than the average person. For most, I’m sure there are better things to do on the Saturday before Christmas. Not me though!

Odds of me watching: 100%

Royal Purple Las Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada


Odds of me going (if I were a USC/Fresno State fan) – 100%

…So Why Watch on TV?

This is one more opportunity to see the great Derek Carr of Fresno. Here are a few fun things about Derek Carr per his Wikipedia page.  Number one, he has the blurriest photo on all of Wikipedia. Two, there is a UT-Martin quarterback that people have confused him with. Three, he’s married with a kid. Holy hell it is a good thing I didn’t do that in college. Seriously though, Carr is one of the truly great college quarterbacks in recent years. If he can get on an NFL team with a better offensive line than his brother had to deal with, he should have a nice career at the next level.

Odds of me watching: 75%

Russell Athletic: Orlando, Florida

They should rename this the “We Underachieved Bowl” because that is what usually happens to get here. This year’s teams: Louisville and Miami. Both of these teams were ranked in the top 10 at some point during the year. Both of them undoubtedly had another Florida bowl on their minds when the season started. The best thing about this game is if you have kids, like Derek Carr, you can go to Disneyworld.

Odds of me going (if I were a UL/UM fan) – 5%

…So Why Watch on TV?

A great quarterback duel between Teddy Bridgewater and Stephen Morris should mean plenty of scoring, assuming these teams decide end the year on a high note, rather than underachieve even more.

Odds of me watching: 60%

National University Holiday Bowl: San Diego, California

Take in Old Town; swing by the beaches; head up to La Jolla; and don’t forget to visit the world-class zoo. Not included in this: watching free-falling Texas Tech take on Arizona State. The Holiday bowl has a recent history of intriguing matchups on paper, only to end in blowouts.  Last year was a 49-26 beating of UCLA by Baylor.

Odds of me going (if I were a Tech/ASU fan) – 0%

…So Why Watch on TV?

There honestly isn’t one. Tech has lost five straight, while ASU will be riled up after rolling over in the Pac 12 title game. There is a good chance ‘ol Sparky drops the hammer on the Red Raiders.

Odds of me watching: 25%

Buffalo Wild Wings: Tempe, Arizona

There is nothing wrong with heading to the desert in winter, especially Tempe (which is a stone’s throw from Phoenix). There is lots of history, scenery and even take an NHL game (Coyotes host San Jose the day before the bowl). What isn’t great: this game between erratic Michigan and Kansas State. I like both teams most years, just not their 2013 clubs.

Odds of me going (if I was a Michigan fan) – 0%

Odds of me going (if I was a KSU fan) -10%

…So Why Watch on TV?

Well Michigan’s highs were pretty good, and KSU won five of their final six to get here. Each team seems to be building towards a more promising 2014 but even with that I still have a very “meh” attitude towards this one.

Odds of me watching: 45%

Wait, are These the Same Game?

Franklin American Mortgage Music City and AutoZone Liberty: Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee

On paper these are indeed the same bowl. They have SEC teams from Mississippi playing in Tennessee against substandard league teams (C-USA and ACC).  They are also in cities you want to visit, but games you don’t want to see.

The Music City Bowl has Ole Miss taking on a Georgia Tech team that frankly isn’t very fun to watch. The Liberty Bowl has a nice little Rice team taking on a Mississippi State team that, well, isn’t very fun to watch.

Odds of me going (if I were a Miss State / Ole Miss fan) – 0%

Odds of me going (if I was a Georgia Tech fan) – 0%

Odds of me going (if I was a Rice fan) – 40%

…So Why Watch on TV?

Let’s toss out Georgia Tech from the equation. They will infuriate you by either scoring 35 and giving up 50, or scoring 10 and giving up 50.

Ole Miss spoiled a four-game winning streak by losing the final two contests. Both were competitive, but the team wants to get that sour taste out of its mouth. Bo Wallace is also fun to watch. He is a gunslinger’s gunslinger who can also run well.

Rice went a stunning 10-3 with a C-USA championship belt around its waste. They take on MSU, a team that needed back to back overtime wins against Arkansas and rival Mississippi to be here. Do they really want to be playing in this bowl after such a mediocre season? No. Does Rice want to keep the incredible season going? Yes!.

Odds of me watching the Music City bowl: 15%

Odds of me watching the Liberty bowl: 25%

The Liberty Bowl is the 7th best bowl this season, according to TicketCity’s list of Best Bowl games, so perhaps I will tune in to see the Owls face off against Mississippi State.

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