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College Football Bowl Preview 2013-14: The Good Ones

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Tis the season of bowls and no, I will not merely rank the bowls. Anyone can do that. I’m going to rank the bowls on actual destination, and if fans of the respective teams should spend the money on going. As a side note this is meant to be fun. Any sarcasm and snark isn’t meant to insult the hard-working teams, but rather deride the sheer stupidity of having a whopping 35 bowl games.

Good Bowl, Good City

Sheraton Hawaii: Honolulu, Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii? Sign me up! The fact that Boise State and Oregon State is an intriguing Mountain West/Pac-12 battle also adds some flavor. Even with Chris Petersen’s departure, I’m still excited for this game.

Odds of me going (if I were a BSU/OSU fan) – 99%

…So Why Watch on TV?

Boise was a steady performer, finishing 8-4. Oregon State had a six-game win streak before dropping the final five (many of which were competitive).

Odds of me watching: 75%

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia: San Diego, California

A simple rephrasing of this game would sound a million times better. They should go the Rose Bowl route and call it “The Poinsettia Bowl presented by …” Anyway, this game has a gem on its hands with Utah State and Northern Illinois. It’s hard not to love the deserving Heisman candidate Jordan Lynch going against the 7th ranked scoring defense in the land.

Odds of me going (if I were a USU/NIU fan) – 66%

…So Why Watch on TV?

In addition to the Lynch/Utah State defensive match up, the fact is that these teams are pretty dang good. Utah State made the Mountain West title game and gave Fresno State all they could handle. NIU was one win away from a BCS game. These teams are talented and well coached, which is exactly what you want in a bowl game.

Odds of me watching: 100%

Fight Hunger: San Francisco, California

The Bay Area in December isn’t ideal, but there are still plenty of indoor sights and sounds in that great American city. As for the matchup on the field, you have BYU and Washington – a pair of 8-4 clubs with massive chips on their shoulders.

Odds of me going (if I were a UW/BYU fan) – 55%

…So Why Watch on TV?

Let’s dig into those massive chips. Washington just had its coach poached by USC. While I believe they won the coaching war in getting Chris Petersen, those players were recruited by Sark and want to win this game to spite him.

As for BYU, they faltered after a five game winning streak, ending just 2-2. For a program surrounded by a lot of talk, they want to back that noise up with a win. Taking down a solid Pac-12 team will do just that.

Odds of me watching: 100%

Valero Alamo: San Antonio, Texas

I am a big fan of the Alamo Bowl and wish they still had the tie-in with the Big Ten. From the Riverwalk to the Alamo, there is a fair amount to do in San Antonio. Great food too.

The Alamo Bowl also has a history of snagging some up and coming teams. This year it changed that trend and landed two established brands: Oregon and Texas. .

Odds of me going (if I were a UO fan) – 33%

Odds of me going (if I were a UT fan) – 66%

…So Why Watch on TV?

It’s Oregon and Texas! For all of the Longhorns’ ups and downs, they were one win away from the Big 12 title. Oregon is one of the best non-BCS teams going 10-2 with their only losses being bowl-bound Arizona and Pac-12 champ Stanford. Factor in this being Mack Brown’s final game, and this is a must-watch.

Odds of me watching: 100%

Hyundai Sun: El Paso, Texas

El Paso isn’t as fun as San Antonio, but the weather should be decent. If you love Mexican food, this is the bowl to go to. If you like Spanish colonial history, this is and the Alamo are the bowls to go to. If you are fluent in Spanish and want to show off, this is the bowl to go to. If you are a fan of solid football, well, this is again a good bowl to go to, as Virginia Tech and UCLA do battle.

Odds of me going (if I were a UCLA/VT fan) – 15%

…So Why Watch on TV?

UCLA enters as one of the hottest teams in the nation winning four of their final five games. Brett Hundley is a phenomenal quarterback, and after locking down coach Jim Mora this can be seen as a stepping stone game for the program.

Tech, on the other hand, has lost three of its final five games, but has plenty of talent. With Beamer’s teams taking a step back, and at his age, there is no way of knowing how many more years he will be out there. It’s best to watch Tech when they are still a decent team with the legend on the sideline.

Odds of me watching: 95%

Peach Bowl (Chick-fil-A): Atlanta, Georgia

A city full of history and decent January weather? Duke and Texas A&M fans have to be thrilled for this.

Odds of me going (if I was an A&M fan) – 60% (last chance at seeing Johnny Football)

Odds of me going (if I was a Duke fan) – 100% (best team in school history and Atlanta isn’t that far)

Odds of me going (if I was a real Duke fan and not me) – 0% because I’m a Duke fan. I have basketball to watch and cancer to cure.

…So Why Watch on TV

Sure Duke got hammered in the ACC title game, but you don’t win 10 games by accident. Duke has a great coach, solid offense and more talent than most. A&M has Jonathan Manziel and the 89th ranked defense. This could be a massive shootout in the dome.

Odds of me watching: 90%

Discover Orange: Miami, Florida

Hmm, 60 to 70 degree weather in January, bikini babes, Cuban cuisine and a fun nightlife … yeah, this is a fun bowl city to go to. The game is enjoyable, too.

Odds of me going (if I were a OSU/Clemson fan) – 100%

…So Why Watch on TV

Thanks to the South Carolina and FSU losses, people seem to forget that Clemson is really good. Ohio State, on the other hand, has only won 24 of its last 25. I expect this one to be a lot like Michigan/Ohio State from a few weeks back in terms of scoring. It’ll be a track meet.

Odds of me watching: 0% – proud Iowan sons don’t watch Ohio State, unless they are losing in the fourth quarter and we turn on to make sure the deed is done. THANK YOU MICHIGAN STATE!!!

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